Plastic Surgery Seattle – Are You Sure?

Plastic Surgery Seattle – Why Are You Interested?

plastic surgery seattle wa

Seattle plastic surgery

There are two possible reasons why you would want to look at plastic surgery in Seattle.

One reason would be to have reconstructive surgery performed on you. The other one would be to enhance your looks through aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgery.

It would help to re-examine your reasons for researching plastic surgery before you start trying to find the best plastic surgeon in Seattle. This can be useful especially since a successful outcome often depends on honest and open communication with your surgeon. You have to be comfortable enough to discuss your objectives as well as the questions you may have.

Seattle Plastic Surgery – Why Do You Want It?

You may be very clear about wanting Seattle plastic surgery, but that does not have to mean you are equally sure of your reasons. One way to ensure the best possible results from surgery is to be fully aware of what you want to achieve. Clarity of your purpose or goal can help your plastic surgeon understand your needs better. Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself include:

  1. Am I looking into plastic surgery to please someone else or purely for personal reasons?
  2. Are my goals reasonable from a plastic surgeon’s point of view?
  3. Are my reasons for pursuing this realistic?
  4. Since when did I want to undergo plastic surgery?
  5. What do I expect from this?
  6. What is my primary motivation for doing this?

Plastic Surgery Seattle WA – Consider the Risks

The best decisions are often those made after thoroughly evaluating and considering several factors. Even the top plastic surgeon Seattle has to offer cannot completely guarantee the best outcome. This is why you have to understand the advantages and disadvantages as well as the potential risks involved before committing to a procedure.


Seattle plastic surgery

Some of the common risks of plastic surgery are:

  • Blood clotting to the lungs – One of the commonly known possible complications is pulmonary embolism. This is a condition when the lungs have blood clots. Plastic surgeons take measures to minimize or eliminate the risk. Compression equipment is often used during surgery to mitigate the risks. This is known to occur more in operations that take long amounts of time.
  • Bruising and/or bleeding – There are occasional instances when bruising or bleeding occurs. It is possible for some bleeding to require further treatment or a surgical procedure. The need for blood transfusion is also possible especially for more complicated cases that may experience significant bleeding.
  • Fluid in the operative area – As with other wounds like cuts or scrapes, areas where incisions were performed may experience some weeping of fluid for a certain period of time. The skin may develop some soft swelling (edema). It is also possible for the fluid to collect beneath the skin (seroma).
  • Healing may take time – Incisions related to surgery require some time to heal. However, it may not heal as quickly as you expect to be. A delay in healing can happen given certain factors such as vascular conditions. Smoking is also known to have an effect in delaying healing. You have to make sure that you discuss any condition or habit you may have that can affect how quickly or slowly the healing occurs.
  • Numbing in areas close to the scars – Surgical procedures may require incisions to move tissues. This is to ensure that desired goals are achieved. But the incisions to the skin may cause some temporary numbness, which will eventually disappear after a few months when the affected nerve endings have already healed.

Lifestyle Factors

Your safety during the surgical procedure and the recovery phase is one of the critical factors to consider if you are a good candidate for cosmetic plastic surgery. If you wish to be eligible for plastic surgery, you need to develop a healthy lifestyle and good habits. This can help you prepare for the operation as well as the post-operative care that follows.

  • Avoid or stop smoking
  • Develop good sleeping patterns
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress or anxiety
  • Exercise regularly
  • Limit or eliminate alcohol intake
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Minimize stress
  • Pay attention to nutrition
  • Take vitamins and supplements

Finding the best plastic surgeons Seattle has to offer should not be a problem as long as you are clear about your reasons. In fact,  the top plastic surgeons in Seattle can also help you in understanding more about what to expect from the surgery. You can make the most of the initial consultation with your potential plastic surgeons to discuss your purpose, options, and other questions that you may have.


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