Plastic Surgery Seattle WA – Are You A Good Candidate?

You can determine if you are likely a good candidate based on the criteria commonly evaluated by plastic surgeons. If you have a healthy lifestyle and have reasonable expectations from the surgery, you can prepare yourself for the consultation with your surgeon of choice.

You can comfortably and confidently answer the questions the plastic surgeon will ask to determine if you qualify for plastic surgery in Seattle WA:

  • You understand the risks.
  • You see aesthetic plastic surgery as a way to enhance certain parts of you and not as a method for “perfection”.
  • You are not obsessed with seeking perfection in your appearance.
  • You do not expect to be fixed or completely changed after the procedure.
  • You are comfortable with slight improvements and do not expect miraculous results.
  • You are healthy.
  • You have no health problems such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular illness, and other medical conditions.
  • You do not smoke nor drink alcohol excessively.
  • You have no mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.
  • You have a birth defect you wish to be corrected.
  • You have scars from a fire or an accident.
  • You want plastic surgery for personal reasons and not because of other people’s urgings.

Plastic surgery is something you do not go into lightly. But it can be a worthwhile decision provided you are doing it for the right reasons. Preparing yourself to become a good candidate for cosmetic surgery is just one of the steps you have to take. And it is one step you would want to invest time and effort on if you want to achieve results you want.

To understand more about whether you are a suitable candidate for plastic surgery, check out our article here.

Also, look at the video below which outlines what makes a good candidate for a breast implant procedure:


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